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POTS(c) ( Professional Online Tax Support), Offer a service to tax preparers to answer questions about federal tax issues of individuals and busineses.The service does not include questions about the states. Service in English and Spanish.

The service has two levels where the tax preparer may pay to ask your questions:


  • The annual membership allows you to make up to ten (10) questions during the year. Additional questions out of these ten will be paid with 30% off the regular price.
  • The cost of membership is $ 149.95.
  • The membership period is for a year starting with the payment date. Memberships must be renewed every year to receive the benefits of it.
  • Memberships are non-transferable.
  • Memberships cannot be canceled after thirty (30) days. A cancellation within the first thirty (30) will be reimbursed in proportion to those used questions if the questions are not used for reimbursement of the total paid less $ 25.00 administrative charge will be received.
  • The cost of PayPal® not is refunded. If membership is not used in year three (3) additional questions will be received next year. Only one year.
    Payments for these services are deductible as business expenses in their professional practice.
  • Those who pay the annual membership receive additional benefits: Email and informative texts about the latest news from the IRS. Participation in other programs of services for its customers. Participation in training Educational credits IRS. Discounts affiliated programs.


  • You can pay for individual questions at the regular price. The regular price for individual questions will be $ 24.95.
  • After ten (10) questions (in the year) the price will be at 30% off the regular price.


  • The questions will be via email using our website. Payments (membership and individual questions) are using our website via PayPal®. The answers will be via email, including a copy of the source where the answer was found.
  • Questions should not contain confidential customer data. The time for responses is 24 to 48 hours. In tax season on Sunday it will be included as part of the time to respond.
  • No telephone inquiries will be answered.


This service should not be used as a replacement for a consultation or evaluation with a qualified tax professional, this service is provided for information purposes only, and is not a legal or tax advice. No professional-client relationships are stablished through you when use POTS©.